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Taming and Training Your Parrot (s), Cockatoo (s), Lovebird (s)....

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  • Stop misbehaving when you try to pet it!

" Teach Your Parrot To Talk " training course and video!
Free parrot training videos

How Talking On Cue Really Works...
Learn your parrot talk
Release of the new parrot Speech training course and videos It's a gigantic package that comes with 10 separate training tools, including CD's of 'real' parrots talking, several audio CD strategy sessions, and our brand new DVD course, that teaches your parrot how to talk on cue.

Parrot Training -Trial Offer

Parrots: Care Facts - Parrots are sensitive and intelligent birds and if you want to keep a parrot as a pet, you should try to know about all parrots care facts.

Parrot Trick Training !

Learn your Parrot 24 new trick!

There is one trick training routine that everyone should train there parrot to perform... because it never fails to drastically cut down on a parrots biting...

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Will “ Parrot Clicker Training ” Really Work with My Parrot ?

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Bird - Parrot Taming And Training Tricks

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Success Stories from cockatiel, parakeet and other

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Parrot tricks

Parakeet / Cockatiel - Taming, training & tricks!

"How To Train Your Parakeet / Cockatiel In 7 Days"

You'll train your smaller birds by "shaping" natural instincts and not by relying on your bird's intelligence. This is why all birds are capable of becoming great performers!

Parrot singing the them song to "Whinnie The Pooh". There's a lot of background noise. But it was just soooo cute I had to share it with you.

How To Tame and Train Your Parrots, Cockatoos, Lovebirds - Quaker Parrot, African Grey Parrot , Redwinged Parrot, African Gray Parrot, Eclectus Parrot, Cockatoos, Cockatiels ...........?

Why do Parrots bite? Parrots bite for the following major reasons!

You Can Easily Tame And Train Your Parrot, Lovebird, Cockatoo ..... Even A Wild, Biting, Parrotcareplucking, Out Of Control 'Juvenile Delinquent'... Into A Trick-Trained, Hand-Tamed And Fully Trusting 'Member Of The Family' -- Starting On Your Very First Day!

Here's the only place where you get the fun-to-watch video, and simple-to-read instruction manuals, that step by step finally show you exactly how to ...

This is a "Tame and Train" system that does something that no other parrot training system on the market can do for you and your bird.

Start with completely untamed, untrained birds and, right in front of the camera, tame them and train them step-by-step for you, so you can train your bird, too. NO "pre-trained" birds. NO actors. NO complex techniques.

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"Using this 'Real Speech' system for only 15 minutes a day, teaches your parrot how to speak more words, phrases and songs than you can ever imagine. Even species that can't talk whistle your favorite tunes. "Here's why...

African Grey Parrots

African grey parrots are one of the most fascinating species in the animal world. Due to their unique color and big size, African grey parrots are increasing popular all around the world. African grey parrots have been companions to humans since many years. They are considered as superb pets due to their quite nature and ability to communicate excellently. These intelligent birds are ideal pets if you live in small apartments or houses.

African grey parrots have the ability to solve problems along with reasoning skills and that is why they are considered as best mimic of all parrots. Though they are considered as highly adoptable parrots, African grey parrots are most shyest, temperamental, neurotic and nippy parrots in the world. They are native to Africa region and are generally medium size parrots. They are grey in color with white area surrounding mostly eyes and neck. African grey parrots are renowned for their red and maroon tails.

From these characteristics, African grey parrots are categorized in two sub species. African Congo grey parrots with light grey feathers, black beaks, deep red tails and 12 inches to 30cm long in size. Then other species is called as Timneh African grey parrots. They have a darker maroon tail, darker charcoal gray color, with a horn colored beak. They are typically smaller than African Congo gray parrots. Then other two species are also there are that are considered as third and fourth sub species of African gray parrots. The Ghana African Grey parrot is somewhat similar to Congo gray parrots with relatively darker and smaller and the fourth one is Cameroon African Grey parrot or called as ‘big silver’.

Female African gray parrots have longer and slender neck, elliptical eyes and small rounded head. On the other side, male African gray parrots have a flatter and broader head, round eyes and are normally bigger in size. From these physical traits, you can determine the gender of African gray parrots.

With their average life span of 50 to 70 years, these African gray parrots feed on fruits, nuts, seeds and good supplement of vegetables. When they get bored, then have a tendency to pluck their own feathers and they tend to bond only with one person if they are kept alone without communication with different people. Though they are strong and possesses such superb characteristics, African gray parrots cannot survive in all environments. Without adequate supply of food, they tend to lose their temperament. One must keep them away from children as they can harm children with their sharp beak and daunting claws.

Keeping African gray parrots as pets requires dedication and large commitment. These parrots are considered as most challengeable as they cannot be tamed easily. If handled carefully, they can be life long buddies with their owners and it is not surprising to see. You can buy these outstanding parrots from local bird markets with prices that may vary depending on the species and size of the parrot.


Parrot Training Success Story:

How Cliff Hagberg Used My Training System To Change His Parrot So Much... That His Wife Cried When The Parrot Rescue Agency Wanted Him Back!

It's your chance to crawl inside the head of a Bird Whisperer (highly skilled trainer) and understand, finally, bird behavior for yourself...

Actually shows you, step by step all of the secret methods, by taming and training untamed and untrained parrots and other birds — while you watch.

In fact, just by watching from the comfort of your couch, you'll know exactly how to train any Parrot, Cockatoos (or cockatiel) in less than 19 minutes a day over as little as 2 short weeks — even if you're a complete novice — and even if you've already tried everything else on the market and failed miserably.

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Tame and train your Parrot and other Pet birds!

Awesome! I can't wait to listen because I have an untamed African Grey that I can see will come around someday. I have been letting him win the dominance thing till I got more techniques from you and got him very settled to the environment. Thanks and good job so far."

— Dennis M. Regan

"This is the probably the best money I have ever spent on my birds. My cockatiel learned to wave in his very 1st session".

— Pat Lebeau

"... Totally Intimidated Me — Bit Us, Drew Blood... [And] In 1 Week, [He Has]Become The Best Pet In

— Gail And
Her Bird Lester

Tame And Train ANY Size Bird — Even Cockatiels, Quakers, Red-Winged Parrot, and Lovebirds.


Teach you how to teach your bird his first trick, The Wave!

You Can Easily Tame And Train Your Parrot ... Even A Wild, Biting, Out Of Control 'Juvenile-Delinquent'

Talking parrot I've helped 1,000's of 'regular' people, even 12 year old girls tame and train very mean and aggressive parrots in as little as 24 hours -- including every species from cockatiels to your loudest, wildest, meanest cockatoos and macaws

My students tame parrots in as little as 24 hours to 14 days I can help you, too.

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Pet Birds and Parrot Related Articles

End Your Parrot's Screaming and Biting with " Clicker Training "! Does your parrot scream or bite?
These are two very common and very annoying behaviors. Especially when company is over! If you are at your wits end, give clicker training a shot.

How to "Clicker Train" Your Parrot Successfully - Everyone around you is training his or her bird with quick success. So how come your own bird isn't cooperating. Polly would rather chew on your thumb then ring the little bell for a treat. Don't lose hope!

Will Clicker Training work on MY Parrot - If you have any interest in training your pet parrot to take food from your mouth or ring a little bell, you can! Bird training is no longer regulated to the professionals. Taking the time to train your pet parrot will be rewarding for both of you.

Effective way to teach your Parrot to speak!
The quickest and most effective way to teach your bird to speak is to understand How birds learn speech. If you utilize the bird’s natural inclinations and abilities, teaching your pet will be a much more enjoyable experience for both you and the bird.

The four main reasons that a parrot will bite! - Although many captive parrots are aggressive, biting is not a natural behavior. In the wild parrots do not bite other parrots hard enough to make them bleed.

How to train your bird - One of the pleasures of owning a pet bird is to teach him or her tricks. However, the purpose of teaching your bird is not just for entertainment. Pet Bird Training And Taming Tricks!

How to choose a Bird - Buying a bird is a major commitment that should be carefully considered and researched. Owning a bird requires a significant amount of time, money and adaptation to the needs of the animal.

Learn your Parrot Tricks - When teaching a parrot owners need to keep the training sessions short. They do not want to tire the parrot out and cause the session to be a negative experience for the bird. Owners also keep their training sessions positive and do not start a training session until they are both ready. Training in a quiet and a room free of distractions will only increase the chances of success.

Redwinged Parrot

Amazing, Teaching Your Parrot to talk!

Teaching your parrot to talk is an exciting event. Most parrots love to talk. You just need to give the parrot a hint and what you want him to talk about. Talk and mimicry are one of the delights of owning a parrot. Teach your parrot to talk when it is young. Begin to teach you parrot to talk using a few distinctive words - no more than three.


......."I couldn't put it down! I'am not a parrot lover but I had  an opportunity to review this book. This book is not only well written but extremely entertaining. It contains a wealth of information for parrot owners...."

Thanks for the opportunity!

D. Short

Do you know the three basic skills that are the foundational keys to training?

Are you aware of the three important considerations to be made before potty training begins?

Should you punish your parrot for accidents?

What is the difference between "on command training" and "designated area training"?

Concerning the art of communication........What can parrots do that we humans cannot?

When your parrot's pupils start contracting and dilating, what does this indicate?

Which kinds of parrots are the best talkers?

Will tongue splitting help your parrot to speak better?

Why bother with teaching your parrot some nifty tricks? Seriously... there are some sound reasons and health benefits from training!

Redwinged Parrot

Teach you parrot to Talk
1. at the same time every day.
2. when you have its full attention.
3. when you are alone with it.

You can teach your parrot to talk in a month or less. Some parrots are much easier to teach to talk than others. Some species of parrot are easier to teach to talk than others. Often, the larger a parrot is the more easy it will be to teach it to talk.

RedwingDo you know when parrots are the most talkative?
Do you know a parrot's average life span?
Do you know the single most important lesson in training your Parrot?
Do you know how to potty train your parrot?
Do you realize just how easy it is to teach your parrot a  variety of tricks?

THANKS to the extremely well written "TALKY-PARROT TRAINING SYSTEM"

You will find your bird training experience to be very successful and rewarding. Remember you are the key to your parrot's success. Your steady guidance is the foundation upon which  raining stands!!

The biggest mistake that I am seeing people make is that they are trying to train their bird to do tricks on their cage. I'm glad this question was brought to my attention, as I need to address this issue. Do NOT train your bird on its cage! It is a definite no-no!

How to Care for your Pet Bird
All You Need To Know About Pet Bird Nutrition
Finally a Bird Book That Gives You All You Need To Know To Take Care Of Your Pet Bird or Aviary

parrotcareplucking, Redwinged Parrot, parrot standsWhich parrot is right for me?

This is a question that you must ask yourself before you think of keeping these lovely birds as pets. Type of Parrots - African Grey, Congo African Grey, Quaker Parrot, Goffin Cockatoos, Umbrella Cockatoos, Amazon Parrot, Redwinged Parrot, parot, Eclectus Parrot, Red-Winged Parrot Indian ringneck parrot, puh.......... read more

For every Pet Bird lovers, looking for pictures of Pet Birds on the web is a real pleasure!

No matter what Bird Breeds you prefer, it is always nice to hang a Pet Bird picture on your wall.

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